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Ethically-sourced, beautiful & affordable crystals

Mystic Mana was created to bring you ethically-sourced, beautiful, affordable crystals of all kinds that are infused with the best intentions and so much love.

Mystic Mana was founded in January of 2022 by Leah Hyatt. This company is Canadian-owned, women-owned, and Canadian based. The company is built on the basis of Connection, Consciousness, Community and Compassion. These core values drive the company to support our amazing community through the magic of crystal energy and mindfulness. I am thrilled to intuitively hand-pick intentionally filled crystals that are ethically sourced specifically for you. You are incredible and I am so happy you are here.

My Vision

To spread beautiful, uplifting energy to all divine beings. We are on a mission to create a more peaceful environment, cultivate an increased awareness around crystals, and share their incredible healing properties. As well as create a safe community to share knowledge about witchcraft and to heal the Witch Wound together as a community. We want you to embody our truest and highest self!

leah holding a crystal to her face

Meet Leah

My name is Leah Hyatt but better known as Mystic Mana. Mana is the name I have gone by for over 11 years as it was gifted to me by my beautiful granddaughter. Mana means magic and that is exactly what I am.

I first really got into crystals in 2019 to help ease my stress, although I have been fascinated with all types of rocks from a very young age thanks to my dad and my love of witchcraft. The descriptions of the stones’ properties intrigued me and led me to discover all their amazing magic.

Amethyst, kyanite and sodalite helped relieve my anxiety the most. The amethyst kept me calm, sodalite boosted my confidence and the blue kyanite helped cut through my fears and blockages.

Once I began to work with the crystals more and more, I found a huge shift in my energy, attitude, and mood in such a positive way. From that point I amassed a huge collection for my self (I am a little obsessed).

Through lots of online research, courses, books, and my own personal experience with my crystals, I have expanded my knowledge and was inspired to share my love and passion for crystals with others.

Crystals work differently for everyone and I love to help guide you to the ones you truly need, and offer my knowledge on clearing, charging and effectively using them. Through a ton of research and determination I was able to connect with ethical wholesalers that offered items to me at a very reasonable price.

Through my diligent research and connections I am able to offer beautiful crystals at outstanding prices.

I am someone who has a passion for helping you feel and be your best while using the support of crystal energy and other metaphysical items. I keep my prices affordable for all to share in this beautiful, amazing energy.

My goal is to offer beautiful healing crystals and crystals that are fun at an affordable price for all to enjoy!

A collection of crystals lined in a row
A collection of crystals on a table

All my crystals are cleared and cleansed before they go out and packaged with beautiful loving intentions.

Through my love of crystals, I found Reiki and Crystal Healing, I now infuse that beautiful magical energy into all things I do. I have been a practicing witchcraft for over 20 years but have only been out in the public eye for 2 years, so I also carry magical, meaningful altar items and anything witchy, as well as my vast knowledge to offer you.

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Private Crystal Shopping Experience

Join me for a 1:1 Personal Crystal Shopping experience.

We will spend approximately 30 minutes shopping, laughing, and discussing any crystal that you wish to see.

Your $50 deposit will reserve a half hour with Leah – this fee will also go toward your total purchase.

There is a $50 purchase minimum for all personal shopping experiences.

Additional shipping fees will be applied. This $50 charge also stands as a nonrefundable deposit.

Get a completely personalized 1:1 personal crystal shopping experience with Leah.


Through my love of witchcraft, I have developed a Witches Retreat Center – safe for all!

We offer retreats, classes and crafts for those New Brooms just beginning up to more advance practices and rituals.

Waken your Witch Within with crystals, guidance, and support.

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