JULY 7 TO 9, 2023

The Elements of Gaia

Welcome to Elements of Gaia, hosted at an off-grid retreat meant to give you full embrace of love, inner peace and community within you, all while being nestled by nature and the sounds of life as you enter into the land full of joy, happiness, and magic.

Greeted with warmth and love of the host(s) while receiving the grounded balance of inner peace as you make your way to the retreat area. There the centeredness and feeling of being whole will begin as you embrace the elements of Gaia during this 3-day gathering.

While you experience the tools to connect you with the elements, with the traditions and deep connection to the insight to that element + craft including practices on daily uses for your own personal growth within your everyday life.

Here you will birth your drum, as we all play in the synchronicity of oneness with this creation of your own intentionally created drum.
Witness and be seen as we each take part in a beautiful Fire Walking ceremony to release all your fears into the healing fire.

Immersing yourself not just in the forest, but through the many ways nature mirrors us, we also encounter ourselves. Forest bathing is the opportunity to take time out, slow down and truly connect with nature.

We will forage our way through the forest all while enjoying the moments with Mother Gaia herself, and all take part of a beautifully created foraged meal together.

This is one retreat you will surely not want to miss.

inside a wooden sauna with benches
fire burning within a. forest outside

What to expect while immersing yourself into the Elements of Gaia Retreat:

What's included in the retreat:

camping tents set up in a forest with the sun shining through the trees

What will be on site:






All prices below include accommodations, all meals, coffee, tea, water, juice, workshops and all supplies needed.

2 in a cottage

Sold out

3 in a cottage

Sold out

4 in a cottage

Sold out

Bell Tent (sleeps 2)


Bell Tent (sleeps 6)

Sold out

Dome Tent (sleeps 2)

Sold out

Camping Tent or RV
(no services, limited)

Sold out

Secure your spot today with a deposit of just $150*

Payment plans available

*Your deposit reserves your spot. After registering, Leah will contact you to see what colour of drum you wish to make as there are many colours. Also to find out which accommodation you are looking for and if you have chosen bunk mates or would like us to do that for you. Balance must be paid by June 20th, 2023.

JULY 7 TO 9, 2023

The Elements of Gaia

Align the self with all elements of the mind body and soul.

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